Nava 1500 Single Basin with Wormy Chestnut Top

Nava 1500 Single Basin with Wormy Chestnut Top
Dimensions: 1500*500*620(H) Cabinet and Top

- Gloss White Finish in Vivid White
- Soft Close Drawers and Hinges by Blum (Austrian made)
- Ceramic Basin
- 40mm Wormy Chestnut Counter Top (PROUDLY MADE IN DANDENONG)

Wormy Chestnut is sustainable harvested virgin timber that gives you the reclaimed and recycled look at a fraction of the cost.

Being closely related to several common Eucalypts such as Silvertop – Victorian Ash, Messmate and Mountain Ash gives us a features seldom found in other timber.

Surviving bush fires, ember attacks, holes from borers and beetles, severe rains and floods all combined with tormenting winds, leaves us with timber and grains that vary immensely in colour, hue and lustre.

Pale blond boards can fade out into a vibrant orange with borer stains and chestnut burrs can and gum veins offer light to dark brown tones making it versatile and a popular architectural choice. Australians are lucky to be blessed with such beautiful looking timber that closely matches our lifestyle and our originality. These tops are professionally sealed with a two pack system by our Furniture Polisher before being passed on to you and be completely sealed and impervious, suitable for bathroom use. Our reclaimed tops and timber bench tops are 100% Australian made. We use single lengths end to end and do not finger join our tops which can create a rather busy effect which can turn out undesirable. Our aim at Pacific is to offer the best value that we can with no compromise on quality.

For further inquiries or for odd sizes and shapes, please call with dimensions and requirements and we will try our best to assist you.

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