Virginia Single Ended Bath

Virginia Single End Claw-foot Bath

Dimensions: 1760*800*630

Another item of our range that has to be seen to be appreciated. Make your next bathtub the centerpiece of your bathroom with this stunning, sleek and elegant bath tub. Make no mistake, this is a brand new bathtub, it represents terrific value because it is. You are buying directly from an importer so you're not paying the middle man too and have been supplying happy customers for over 6 years.

The acrylic will always be warm to the touch, unlike cast iron or steel tubs, and with water conservation in the mind of most fellow Aussie's, you can relax in guilt free comfort with the knowledge that the tubs will keep the water warmer for up to 3 times longer means less refilling and wasting water on a long guilt free soak.

Your fabulous bath tub will be delivered in 'Brand New' condition. To ensure this, the bath tubs come well packaged, with protective tape along the roll over top/top edge and then coated in a bubble wrap bag and placed in specific cardboard cartons with heavy duty plastic straps to keep it secured and fastened.

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