Cooper 1780 Free Standing Bath – Oval Merge wide edge

$700.00 $660.00

Dimensions: 1780*800*595

– Seamless White Acrylic

– Steel Frame

– Adjustable legs

– 10 Year Warranty



The Cooper series of baths are the quintessential free standing bath which is a best seller due to its simple lines and shape.The product is handcrafted and finished to a very high standard and will not have visible or unsightly seems.  The raw material is sourced from an international supplier which will mean the end material should not fade or discolour or twist the way cheap baths do.

This item is stocked and on display and we would like to welcome you to view the bath in person at our showroom and even try it out! That’s right, if you kindly remove your shoes, we are happy for you to try out as many as you would like.  After all, you can’t tell if you like a bath just by looking at its picture, can you?



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