Daintree Polymarble Shower Base


100% Australian Made
Product Code Item Size
SBD34CW Rectangle R/O 1220×900 White
SBD40CW Square R/O 1000×1000 White
SBD26CW Square R/O 900×900 White
SBD16CW Square R/O 820×820 White


The Daintree Polymarble shower base is self-supporting for easy installation, and features extra protection against leaks with built-in lips on all four sides.

Features & Benefits

  • No grout and no joins, making it easy to clean
  • Self-supporting for easy installation
  • Solid, hardwearing material

Additional information


900 W x 900 D x 40 H REAR OUTLET
1000 W x 1000 D x 40 H REAR OUTLET
1220 W x 900 D x 40 H REAR OUTLET
1500 W x 900 D x 40 H REAR OUTLET


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